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Missed the Capital Gains Tax Deadline in Poland? Here’s What You Should Do (Don’t Panic!)

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Filing taxes can be a complex task, and sometimes deadlines slip our minds. If you’re a resident of Poland and recently realized you missed the deadline to file your capital gains tax report, take a deep breath – you’re not alone! The good news is that Poland’s tax system generally takes a more relaxed approach to minor delays in tax reporting.

Understanding the Polish Tax Approach:

Unlike some countries with stricter tax regimes, Poland prioritizes overall efficiency in its tax system. This means the focus is less on penalizing minor slip-ups and more on ensuring a smooth and functional system for everyone involved. So, if you missed the recent capital gains tax deadline of April 30th, 2024 for the 2023 tax year, filing your report in early May might not result in any negative consequences.

Polish Broker? You Might Be in the Clear!

Here’s another reason to breathe easy: If you held your investments through a Polish brokerage account, you’re likely already covered. Many Polish brokers automatically file capital gains tax reports on behalf of their clients. This means you may not even need to take any further action. However, it’s always a good practice to double-check with your broker to confirm if they handled the filing for you.

Missed it by a Longer Stretch? Don’t Despair!

While minor delays are often treated leniently, what if you missed the deadline by a significant amount of time? Don’t panic just yet! In Poland, there’s a process known as “czynny żal” (active regret) that allows taxpayers to potentially avoid penalties for late filing. This process involves submitting a formal document explaining the reasons for the delay and demonstrating your willingness to comply with tax regulations moving forward.

We’re Here to Help!

Tax laws can be intricate, and even with a more relaxed system like Poland’s, navigating them on your own can be confusing. If you’re unsure about your specific situation or have questions about filing your capital gains tax report, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can help you understand the process, explore your options, and guide you towards the most favorable outcome. Remember, the sooner you address the issue, the better.

By staying calm and taking the necessary steps, you can hopefully resolve this situation smoothly. And hey, even the Polish tax office appreciates a good effort!


Jerzy Gaweł
Partner – Tax Advisor

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