Ukrainian IT specialists relocating to Poland.

Amid recent political tensions we could observe an increasing number of IT specialists and even whole IT companies moving permanently to Poland. The movement is supported by a polish government program Poland.Business Harbour, which provides a fast-track immigration procedure for IT specialists from Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

The program enables obtaining of a work and stay permit by IT specialists and their closest families, with only two formal requirements:

  • Employment in IT for at least a year or technical education connected to IT.
  • A proof of interest regarding employment from one of the partner companies – this does not mean you will need to be employed by this company in the future.


The Business Harbour visa allows:

  • Crossing the border to Poland
  • Living in Poland with closest family
  • Being employed in Poland or
  • registering their own business activity and working as a freelancer.


The visa procedure is simplified and only takes a few working days. More details on the program and the list of companies can be found here:

Please note that all visa formalities must be done at the country of origin of IT specialist prior to coming to Poland.


Most of foreign IT specialist relocating to Poland decide for own business registration. This enables them an instant continuation of their work for foreign IT companies. This solution is especially convenient for freelancers. Within a matter of a week or two they can move to Poland and:

  • issue B2B invoices to their clients,
  • pay taxes in Poland,
  • obtain public health insurance coverage for themselves and their families,
  • benefit of favorable tax treatment for IT services and taxation as low as 12% (lump sum tax).


A complete business registration requires following steps, which need to be taken already in Poland:

  1. Obtaining of PESEL / NIP number – required for tax and social security filings
  2. Obtaining of ePuap trusted profile – required for business registration and electronic communication with public offices
  3. Registering business activity – can be done electronically

We can assist you in every step of this process. Also, we can provide you with an ongoing accounting service which includes calculation of tax and social security payments and yearly tax returns.

Jerzy Gaweł
Partner – Tax Advisor