Essential Services

buildings representing business essential services

The Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 has brought into sharp focus both the relative strengths and numerous vulnerabilities of business enterprises worldwide across sectors, whether large or small. No entity has been immune to the wide-ranging impacts of this crisis. While recovery may be evident over the short term, a return to the status quo or 'business as usual' is neither assured nor especially advantageous.

Managing change and disruption remains an ongoing challenge in the post-pandemic business environment.

Business innovation and reform especially improved adaptability and strengthened resilience are now essential for stability and growth. While making such reforms is never easy they represent an investment in new opportunities. In today's uncertain and complex world, the best business opportunities are neither comfortable nor risk-free, while the easiest opportunities are rarely good or productive.

Knowing the difference and structuring your business accordingly are important to success.

Sarego Finance offers a range of Essential Services that assist clients to establish and maintain business efficiency - while at the same time, improving adaptability and strengthening resilience. These services not only address the routine legal, accounting and administrative challenges of establishing and running your business today. They also promote vigilance and risk mitigation ensuring your enterprise is better prepared for the future of 'business unusual!'

The Right Place

Location matters especially now, given the need for flexible and distributed working patterns, as well as reliable digital connectivity. Sarego Finance will identify the optimum location(s) for your business providing suitable options. We will negotiate price, rental and lease agreements, evaluate accessibility, safety and security concerns, and ensure the necessary physical infrastructure, and associated legal and contractual issues are resolved to your satisfaction.

In addition, working with technical partners in the US and Europe, we can assist in the cyber security evaluation of proposed operations, including threats and vulnerabilities. This process develops a unique digital risk profile. Through the application of cyber intelligence, it allows clients to take control and mitigate the known risks to a level acceptable for secure business operations, including safe financial transactions and protection of proprietary or sensitive data.

The Right People

Finding the right people for your business whether management, technical or administrative- remains a perplexing challenge. Many years of experience have highlighted the limitations of standard recruiting practices. An over reliance on unverified CV's and cursory interviews does little to 'qualify' potential candidates for demanding positions.

In fact, a good candidate does not need to be 'qualified' when they should qualify themselves primarily through truthfulness, honesty and integrity.

Sarego Finance has procedures that help to identify and recruit the right people for your business, whether employees, executives, managers or board members. The evaluation process uses 'developed sources' which not only validate the candidate's credentials and experience, but also identifies disqualifying issues that could present risks and liabilities later.

Once an informed hiring decision has been made, Sarego Finance will manage all the related paperwork including employment contracts, benefits, taxation and insurance issues. If necessary, we will work with the client to develop scopes of work and management procedures to ensure expectations are fulfilled by all parties.

As a general rule, we recommend people are introduced into your business with great care and only incrementally. This includes clear terms of reference that are performance based with regular management oversight, feedback and due diligence. Conversely, people who pose risks, threats or liabilities should be disqualified quickly and if necessary, removed without unnecessary costs or delays.

The Right Approach

Establishing and operating any business in a foreign country presents many challenges, not least in the unique and all pervading influence of local culture. The universal effect of culture impacts behaviours, values, ethics, attitudes, prejudices and expectations at all levels. If it is misinterpreted, misunderstood or ignored it can have adverse and lasting consequences on a business impeding both growth and potential for success in the marketplace.

Sarego Finance is well informed and sensitive to Polish culture in the business context and assists clients to navigate these issues with confidence and peace of mind. Just as a good carpenter learns that every piece of wood has its own unique qualities, our professional guidance will help you to work 'with the grain' of culture rather than pushing against it.

In addition, we can provide more formal training and seminars using online formats on topics such as essential communication skills, leadership, negotiation, moderation and dispute resolution to further strengthen the capabilities of your business in inter-cultural environments.