About Us - Where Everything Counts!

Sarego Finance was established directly in response to changing client needs and marketplace demands. As a ‘sister company’ of Gostynski and Partners Law Offices, we recognize the importance of independent, high quality and principled accounting and financial services.

While Gostynski and Partners delivers peace of mind in terms of professional legal counsel, Sarego Finance offers excellence and precision in its range of accounting and financial support services. We are committed to earning your trust and confidence.

Sarego Finance protects and enhances the potential and growth of our valued clients. Quite simply, we remove the guesswork and confusion; delivering answers and solutions that save time and money.

Sarego Finance can assist you and your business to carefully navigate the Polish and International business environment by resolving problems, streamlining procedures, identifying risks and opportunities while highlighting the optimum pathway towards success.

Our Expertise - Principled Accounting & Financial Services in Poland

At Sarego Finance we believe sound financial management and accounting are not only essential contributors to business growth but also, strengthen good corporate governance. Consequently, we apply the following key principles in our services and client relations:



Transparency in financial management and accounting requires openness, clarity and insight into all aspects of the underlying processes, decisions and outcomes. It is also fundamental in securing the trust and confidence of our clients.

At Sarego Finance we strive for maximum transparency ensuring the integrity of our services and related outputs. We are also committed to privacy and confidentiality, including the secure custodianship of all financial information.



Accountability is not only a question of responsibility and liability but also, maintaining the highest ethical standards. We are dedicated to offering our clients fair, balanced and understandable services. This is essential for accurately assessing the financial status of your business as well as making appropriate recommendations to support its stability and growth.



Business development is not a simple process in an increasingly complex and ever changing marketplace. Therefore, precision in accounting is essential offering important benefits:

  • It quickly identifies and eliminates small errors which have the potential to become larger problems or future liabilities.
  • Precision empowers a process-oriented approach to business management highlighting the most important steps required to reach specific goals - on time and within budgets.
  • Finally, accounting precision increases the overall accuracy of decisions including budget allocations, strategic investments and financial planning for business growth.

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