Accounting / Tax / Payroll – we will take care of it.


All our accountants and tax specialists speak fluent English.  

A complete ‘one stop’ solution for your business with a range of customized tax and accounting solutions. They are designed to minimize bureaucracy and optimize efficiency, including: 


Accounting & Reporting Services 

Our accounting service includes: 

  • Capture of source documents into accounting system and verification of compliance with accounting and tax law standards. 
  • Keeping of accounting records in compliance with accounting and tax law standards. 
  • Calculation of tax base and amount of payable income tax. 
  • Calculation of tax base and tax of payable VAT or VAT returns.  
  • Submission of mandatory Standard Audit Files to tax office 
  • Preparation of monthly tax filings  
  • Preparation of statistical reports 
  • Preparation of yearly financial reports and filings to tax offices and Court Business Registry  

Monthly reporting duties vary depending on a number of factors. Typically, monthly reporting requires sending of CIT declaration and VAT standard audit file (JPK). In some situations there are additional reports to be sent, such as for tax on civil acts (PCC), other extraordinary tax declarations, correction of previous tax declarations, reporting to Polish National Bank according to regulations on Foreign Currency Exchange, reports to Statistical Office.  


Invoicing and Payment Management Services 

These services include bank account setup and: 

  • Assistance in issuing sale invoices  
  • Setting up outgoing payments in the banking system  
  • Preparation of cost notes 
  • Payment requests to clients 
  • Preparation of statements of accounts  

In a typical scenario our accountants have access to client’s bank accounts and they can register new payments, however the payments must be approved by client’s management.  


Payroll Services 

Our service of maintenance of payroll accounts incudes: 

  • Setting up of employees’ personal dossier according to Polish Labor Law regulations 
  • Registration of employees at Polish Social Insurance System (ZUS) 
  • Payroll calculations and preparation of salary slips. Service includes calculation of gross salaries, applicable tax, Insurance and retirement plan payments, bonuses, tax deductions, holiday equivalent payments, overtime allowance, etc.  
  • Settlement of monthly contributions to Polish Social Insurance System  
  • Preparation of monthly and yearly income tax declarations  

For the clients who have their inhouse HR department we offer a payroll services, which is limited to tax and social security duties. For those who prefer to keep complete employees’ files in our office, and to retain us with duties related also from labor law, we provide a complete solution, at one monthly fee per employee, that also includes all tax and social security reporting duties.  


Year-End Reporting 

Each fiscal year ends with: 

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statement 
  • Filing of Financial Statement to Tax Office 
  • Filing of annual tax declarations 
  • Filing of an Annual Financial Statement and Resolution of Shareholders Meeting to Business Registry 

All these documents need to be electronically signed by representatives of a company before filing. We will also assist you through all technicalities of this process. Preparation and filling of documents to the Court Business Registry (Resolution of Shareholders Meeting and Board Management Report) is usually done by our legal team. These documents are prepared in a bilingual version (Polish and English).