Tax and Accounting Solutions


Sarego Finance offers a complete ‘one stop’ solution for your business with a range of customised tax and accounting solutions. They are designed to minimise bureaucracy and optimise efficiency, including:

  • Fulfilling Polish Accounting Regulations
    • Capture of source documents and data into the ENOVA accounting system
    • Verification of compliance with accounting and tax law standards
    • Keeping of accounting records in compliance with accounting and tax laws
    • Preparation of yearly financial reports
  • Tax Law Compliance
    • Calculation of tax base and amount of payable income tax
    • Calculation of payable VAT or VAT returns
    • Submission of mandatory Standard Audit Files to tax office
    • Preparation of monthly tax filings
    • Preparation of yearly financial reports and tax filings
  • Statistical Office Regulations
    • Preparation of statistical reports
  • Court Business Registry reporting duties
    • Year-End reporting to companies registry
  • Labor Law & Social Security
    • Setting up of employees personal documentation according to Polish Labor Laws
    • Registration of employees at the Polish Social Insurance System (ZUS)