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Establishing and operating any business in a foreign country presents many challenges.

You will need a reliable and experienced partner who will guide you through the process.

Sarego Finance was established in response to changing client needs and marketplace demands. We are the ‘sister company’ of Gostynski & Partners, a Kraków based commercial law firm with a strong focus on international business.

Sarego Finance offers a range of services that assist clients seeking to establish and maintain business efficiency while conducting their operations in Poland. Our services not only address the routine legal, tax, accounting and administrative challenges of establishing and running your business today, but go well beyond that.

We can assist our clients in hiring and selecting their personnel. We can help with securing financing for your operations or select proper insurance products. We will negotiate price and other terms of agreements, evaluate accessibility, safety and security concerns, and ensure the necessary physical infrastructure and associated legal and contractual issues are resolved to your satisfaction.

Our focus is on simplifying overly complex and often confusing business systems thereby reducing costs and improving financial transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Sarego Finance is well informed and sensitive to Polish culture in the context of business and assists clients to navigate these issues with confidence and peace of mind.


Jerzy Gaweł
Sylwia Myśliwska
Szymon Gostyński

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We are committed to earning your trust and confidence through a working partnership that addresses your specific needs and concerns-- secures peace of mind - and allows your business to flourish! We look forward to hearing from you…

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